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Thursday, December 18th 2003
by Joe Francica

Tony Buxton, President of Tactician Inc., is a maverick in many ways, selecting to follow his own course in the geospatial arena leading his company to focus more
on desktop marketing than a more generic course of desktop mapping.Prefering instead to service a slowly growing, yet loyal base of customers, Mr.Buxton
continues to expand his product offering and look at enterprise solutions in terms of expanding out from his marketing solutions base.Editor-in-Chief, Joe Francica,
spoke by phone with Mr.Buxton to hear about the future plans for Tactician.

Wednesday, December 17th 2003
by Hal Reid

Hal Reid attended Autodesk University on behalf of Directions Magazine.You will find several articles on the program at Directions.This article focuses on Hal’s impressions regarding six primary initiatives that were discussed there: 1.Lifecycle Management; 2.Merging CAD & GIS; 3.Visualization & 3-D; 4.Oracle; 5.Homeland Security; and 6.DWF files.

Thursday, December 11th 2003
by Directions Staff

Last week, Senior Contributing Editor, Hal Reid Traveled to Las Vegas to cover Autodesk University 2003.Mr.Reid provides a complete synopsis of the major
issues facing Autodesk with particular emphasis on CAD-GIS integration.We you will find this review a useful perspective on Autodesk’s vision for geospatial
production development.See the full articles below or see a summary by clicking here…

Wednesday, December 10th 2003
by Hal Reid

This year’s keynote at the Autodesk University Conference in Las Vegas (Dec.1-4) was given by Carl Bass, Senior VP, Design Solutions
Group.Mr.Bass noted that while in the last 20 years, the PC was 1,000 times
faster and dramatically better; software generally could not make this
same claim.Read more from his keynote address by senior contributing editor, Hal Reid.

Wednesday, December 10th 2003
by Hal Reid

Sometimes the obvious has to hit you right in the nose.Multiple monitors are one of those things that you know about, have worked with, and you forget just how
cool they can be until you see them done right.That’s really what you need for true geospatial visualization…

Wednesday, December 10th 2003
by Hal Reid

Autodesk has a core concept of Lifecycle Management as an application for their products.That is, incorporating information from the initial design of a project
through the construction and management of the end product, whether that project is a building or an item that is manufactured.Autodesk, however, at first blush, they seem to be missing the entire story.Read more of Senior Contributing Editor Hal Reid’s notes from Autodesk University…

Wednesday, December 10th 2003
by Hal Reid
Wednesday, December 10th 2003
by Richard Serby
Tuesday, December 9th 2003
by Franck Martin

SOPAC is implementing a project funded by the European Union called Reducing Vulnerability in Pacific ACP states.The project will use Island System Management as a tool.This tool will be composed mainly of a map server, presenting maps via the web, inside a collaborative environment developed with Open Source software.Internet is the enabling tool to bring all the stakeholders around the same data and information for better decision-making and therefore reduce vulnerability leading towards sustainable development.Please read more about this project…

Friday, December 5th 2003
by Dean Howell

As more and more of the main stream GIS vendors head down the path of web
enabled and customized solutions the technical skills for the GIS developer
are rapidly changing.There is a very strong move to such skills as Java,
ASP, VB and .NET…read more.

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