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Tuesday, February 11th 2003
by Cecilia Hellman

How much money are you wasting on direct mail? And, if a promotional letter reaches the wrong destination, how many customers are you really losing because your address database is “dirty,” “old,” or lacks the proper format.

In this article by QAS Marketing Manager Cecelia Hellman, she examines several areas that should be carefully checked before one piece of mail is sent.“Address management problems can even affect revenues.Consider a year’s worth of marketing campaigns, in which a million pieces of direct
mail are sent.“Assuming a modest 1% conversion rate, and a 10% rate of mail that reaches its destination either too late or not at all, due to address errors, how much business could be lost?” Read further…

Tuesday, February 11th 2003
by Duncan Houldsworth

As the market for demographic information changes and evolves, organizations become more and more sophisticated in how they want to analyze data, specifically
commercial organizations as they use it for applications of customer recruitment, and market development.Here in the Micromarketing industry, we have witnessed
the increased emphasis on customer transactional data and household, or even “person level,” data with a degree of skepticism and possibly fear.At the same time,
we have seen decreased emphasis on the traditional staples of our industry: census derived demographics at a regional or local geographic level.So why is geographic data still relevant in the CRM age? Find out…only in Directions Magazine.

Monday, February 10th 2003
by Mark Prins

Need a GML primer? Mark Prins of CARIS takes us through the details
in this article.“GML provides both a vendor neutral as well as implementation
neutral format that is optimally suited for distribution over a network.”

Monday, February 10th 2003
by Bert Jakubs

Mr.Bert Jakubs of Tele Atlas North America presents an outline for those considering the implementation of a vehicle routing application.Specifically, he presents advice about what to look for in a map database that is essential for location-based services.

Thursday, February 6th 2003
by Joe Francica

Imaging’s IKONOS Satellite captures debris area in Nacogdoches, Texas minutes
after shuttle tumbles to earth.

Wednesday, February 5th 2003
by Jim Stark

He’s been on the run for over a year.Hiding in caves, mountaintops, and countrysides, Osama Bin Laden is America’s most wanted.As U.S.military forces vigilantly track and monitor his every move to try to capture him and his henchmen, arguably the most effective weapon in their arsenal is
global positioning systems, more commonly known as GPS.

Wednesday, February 5th 2003
by Dr. William Graf

Professor Graf provides ample reason why all geographers need to be cognizant of the work by the National Research Councils (NRC) two bodies focussed on mapping issues.“The importance of the two geography committees at NRC is that they give American geographers a voice in issues of national and international importance, and they
put geographers on a similar footing with physicists, chemists, medical specialists, biologists, and other scientists.” Read about what has been done and how to get involved…only at Directions Magazine.

Wednesday, February 5th 2003
by Joe Francica

Editor Joe Francica summarized the market for GIS technology in 2002 by way of the public statements made recently by software vendors as well as a look ahead to what must be done in 2003 for market activity to improve…plus a brief remembrance of Space Shuttle Columbia and the men and women who are personally affected in “The Rocket City.”

Wednesday, January 29th 2003
by Joe Francica

Directions Magazine interviewed Larry Delaney, MapInfo’s Director of LBS technology, to determine how MapInfo was weathering the bursting of the LBS bubble and when he thought we might see a rebound in this sector.Read the entire interview to get a perspective on MapInfo’s strategic direction and where Mr.Delaney’s sees the potential in the next 18 month’s for this market.

Wednesday, January 29th 2003
by Jim VanderMeer

Much of the hype and hysteria of LBS that occurred in 2000-2001 has passed, as has the doldrums of 2002.This month, our contributing editor on LBS, Jim VanderMeer from Airbiquity takes us through what he believes will be a maturing of the market and “realistic implementations of location revenue models.”

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