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Thursday, May 8th 2003
by Joe Francica

How financially healthy were the major GIS companies for the first three months of 2003, and what does that say about where we are in this weak economy? Modest at best say the numbers…Read Editor Joe Francica’s take on the lastest fiscal reports…

Saturday, April 26th 2003
by Joe Francica

Dartmouth College, the Ivy League institution where John Kemeny authored
BASIC, the computer language many students first used in order to learn
programming, is now first in another computer phenomena: micro-LBS.Read more…

Thursday, April 24th 2003
by Steve Lombardi

This is part two in our series on mobile location-based
services applications and the barriers that have prevented it from taking
off.From part 1, “The mobile Internet in general, and specifically Location
Based Services, haven’t taken off because to date, there have not been
compelling applications to drive adoption.Plain and simple.Borrowing
from a bumper sticker - “No applications, No adoption.

Friday, April 18th 2003
by David Goldstein

This is the third of a three-part series on GIS addressing the complex issue of why the business world has not embraced this powerful software’s functionality and what needs to be done to maintain and ultimately increase its market share.Author David Goldstein is president of CMC International, a Dallas, Texas consulting organization that has been helping businesses address their fundamental obstacles to growth, finding better value for their money and cutting costs to maximize return.Specialists in business intelligence, strategy, growth, and planning, CMC International has implemented GIS into their winning programs since 1988.Read Part 1 and Part II.

Wednesday, April 16th 2003
by Joe Francica

We think the work the Open GIS Consortium (OGC) does is extremely important
toward advancing geospatial technology in the context of interoperability
and setting guidelines in data exchange, as well as establishing a forum
for discourse among vendors who, at most times, have competing interests.This article takes a look at the OGC’s visibility among GIS professionals and what it is doing to establish better outreach with the those ultimately affected by its mission: the users.

Tuesday, April 15th 2003
by David Sonnen

In this excerpt IDC outlines Oracle’s strategic role in the spatial information management (SIM) industry.The information extracted for this document was originally
published in two IDC reports: The Structure of the Spatial Information Management Industry, ( IDC # 28246, October 2002); and Spatial Information
Management: Competitive Analysis, (IDC# 28348, December 2002).

Tuesday, April 15th 2003
by Directions Staff

Directions Magazine obtained images courtesy
of Space Imaging and its affiliates from an area along the Tigris River
in Baghdad where the U.S.had intelligence about the whereabouts of Saddam

Friday, April 11th 2003
by Kevin Coleman

In a continuation of our coverage on Homeland Security, we will examine two technologies that are at the core of its success.We will look at the role of Information Technology, and specifically GIS, and BioTechnology have in the fight against terrorism.

Thursday, April 10th 2003
by Susan L. Cutter

How geographically informed is our current homeland security policy? As the nation continues to rebound from the aftermath of September 11, 2001, academic geographers and those in the private and public sectors continue to
demonstrate how our science and practice can best be used to understand and respond to this adaptive threat.Geography is uniquely suited to enhance and advance
our understanding of terrorism.

Thursday, April 10th 2003
by Directions Staff

Yesterday, Microsoft redirected Vicinity’s MapBlast! Web site visitors to MSN Maps & Directions.The site redirection is as a result of Microsoft recent acquisition of Vicinity MapBlast!

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