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Nokia Location & Commerce, Esri Complete Deal for Location Intelligence

Monday, July 23rd 2012
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Nokia's Location and Commerce Division now provides Esri's Business Analyst and Community Analyst exclusively with street centerline data and will enhance numerous other Esri products. Read more in this exclusive interview with Nokia on the relationship.

Directions Magazine contacted Nokia's Location and Commerce division about the new relationship the two companies solidified this week.

Directions Magazine (DM):  Is Nokia Location and Commerce now an exclusive provider of street centerline data to the Esri products?

Nokia Location & Commerce (Nokia): Nokia is not exclusive provider of maps to Esri. We are now the global, predominate commercial vector data provider for:

  • Desktop GIS—ArcView®, ArcEditor™, ArcInfo®, ArcGIS® Extensions
  • Server GIS—ArcGIS Server™, Tracking Server
  • Developer GIS—Esri® Developer Network, ArcGIS Engine™
  • Mobile GIS—ArcPad®, ArcGIS Mobile™
  • Cloud GIS—ArcGIS Online™
  • Business GIS—Esri® Business Analyst™ and Business Analyst Online™
  • Geocoding and Routing— Esri® Streetmap Premium™ and Esri Streetmap Premium Advanced™
  • Navigation—ArcLogistics®, ArcLogistics Navigator®
  • Map Collections—Data Appliance for ArcGIS

Recently, we became the exclusive provider of street centerline data for Esri Business Analyst and Community Analyst in the US.

DM: Is the Nokia L&C data that are provided to ArcGIS Business and Community Analyst the baseline data set or does it include the Advanced Content with POIs, pedestrian navigation, and historical traffic count data?

Nokia: Esri is using our Premium NAVTEQ® Map content in both Business Analyst and Community Analyst and offers GIS professionals access to a deeper level of market analysis.  It includes our core POIs such as restaurants, hotels, gas stations as well as attributes such as the facility type, name, address, phone, and food type. Boundary data also includes census boundaries and postal codes data.

DM: Does it include any polygon data such as political or other geographic boundary data?

Nokia: The NAVTEQ® Map does provide polygon data which includes political and geographic boundary data.

DM: Does it include any industry-specific data for retailers, bankers, insurance (e.g. accident locations?) or real estate companies?

Nokia: The NAVTEQ® Map data can be leveraged by Business Analyst and Community Analyst for industry-specific data needs to retailers, bankers, insurance and real estate companies.

DM: Will the data sets include some of Nokia’s latest indoor maps for malls or other retail venues?

Nokia: Esri’s Business Analyst and Community Analyst do not include indoor maps at this time, but it is something that could happen in the future.

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