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Top 25 Must Read Articles on Mobile Location Services

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Tuesday, December 31st 2013
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From indoor positioning apps for location-based ads to an estimated $300 Billion market in "geofencing, LBS tech exploded in 2013. Here's our list of the 25 "must read" articles!

  1. Indoor positioning for B2B

  2. FindMe 911 Coalition Urges FCC to Require Accurate Indoor Locating

  3. Apple Buys Topsy for Location Analytics of Social Media

  4. What’s New in Location-based Advertising?

  5. HERE Maps Supports New “Off the beaten Path” Phone OSs Sailfish and Tizen

  6. Navizon Tackles Indoor Positioning

  7. Pinterest Adds Pin Maps, aka Place Pins

  8. IndoorAtlas Maps the Great Indoors Using Magnetic Field Signatures

  9. What’s New in Augmented Reality?

  10. Twitter IPO May Hinge on Location-based Data Mining

  11. What’s the Magic Distance for Location-based Advertising? 6 miles

  12. The Latest Statistics on Location Based Advertising

  13. Google and Waze Mixing Maps and Features

  14. Qualcomm Taps HERE for Indoor Maps

  15. “Precision Retailing” and Indoor location-based promotions

  16. Apple Acquires Locationary to Address Location-based Big Data

  17. CSR’s SiRFstarV 5e GNSS Chip: Better, Stronger, Faster

  18. Blue Bite and ADstruc Offer Near Field Communication Options for Location-based Marketing

  19. Using Foursquare Data to Predict Successful Store Locations

  20. TruePosition Tackles Indoor Locating

  21. How to Use Geofencing Correctly

  22. How Important is Location in Location-based Advertising?

  23. Indoor Positional Accuracy for E911

  24. Apple’s Indoor Location Acquisition: It’s About Apps, Not Maps

  25. Geofencing: Now a Market Unto Itself

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