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Top 5 Location Intelligence and Analytics Articles for Fall 2012

Thursday, December 13th 2012
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Editor in chief Joe Francica picked out the top articles in location intelligence and analytics from the last three months. If you missed them the first time around - here's an opportunity to catch up!

1. Do We Have Industry Standard Practices in Retail Real Estate?

There are five major areas in chain store real estate practices where industry standards can lead to more efficient decisions and better financial performance. Chain Store Advisor Principal Jim Stone explains why the companies that adopt appropriate industry standard practices as a foundation for real estate planning and site selection will succeed.

2. Leveraging the Power of Geodata in the Reinsurance Industry

Geodata has many applications in the insurance sector, ranging from risk management and determining insurance premiums to carrying out reporting activities. Christopher Guider of GfK GeoMarketing uses maps of Japan to unravel some of the more challenging issues of the insurance industry, showing where and how geospatial technology can help.

3. REAL Appeals Twice, But Court Continues to Rule in Favor of Move, Inc. on Real Estate Mapping Patent

Directions Magazine has been following the legal battle over a mapping patent held by Real Estate Alliance Ltd. (REAL) since 2005. The lawsuit started with a single Philadelphia agent and her use of mapping software and turned into quite a production before a ruling of non-infringement came in 2010. In this article, Executive Editor Adena Schutzberg summarizes the actions since that time.

4. Trucking Fleets Leverage Traffic Data to Work Smarter, Cut Costs

Saving a mile or two on fuel economy is a key metric for fleet truck companies. So is an hour or two a week per operator. Put them together and fleets large and small can save money. This article explores one solution from TomTom that puts fleet operators in the driver’s seat when it comes to saving time and money.

5. Retail Real Estate Company, EDENS, Goes Mobile with Spatial Data iPad Application “FOReM”

EDENS, a shopping center development company, is working to deliver a new way for its employees to visualize and access spatial data. The company has a new mobile application that not only allows users to access and display spatial data in the field but also emulates the workflow and thinking that goes into the leasing, development and marketing process.

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