Rebeckah Flowers

Rebeckah Flowers is a freelance wordsmith with nearly 20 years of writing and editing experience in the worlds of publishing, education and corporate business acumen. Rebeckah graduated with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Swarthmore College, let wanderlust take her, and began her career as an editorial ghostwriter and copyeditor with EcoNews in Beirut, Lebanon. While there, she decided to cross teaching off her bucket list and accepted a position at the American Community School of Beirut, where she and a colleague designed, wrote and implemented an interactive, cross-disciplinary history curriculum for Grade 9. After returning to the U.S., Rebeckah served as the Curriculum Manager of Business Acumen at Strategic Management Group in Philadelphia, where she added a dash of marketing, a healthy dose of sales training and a ton of project management to the mix, while continuing to develop her skills in editing and communications. When the vagaries of life took her to State College, Pa., Rebeckah founded a creative media services company, working with companies across the country writing content and advertising copy, copyediting online and offline publications, and providing audio voiceover services for promotional video, television and radio commercials. Connect with Rebeckah by email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or on LinkedIn.



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