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Stathis Angelou

  • Experience Level: Entry Level
  • Location: Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Last Updated: April 3, 2012


Stathis Angelou


39a Old Northam Road Southampton Hampshire SO14 0PD


Qualified Remote Sensing and GIS Spatial Analyst with a strong background in Geographical and Marine Sciences. I am methodical, logical and analytical, in approach and I have a keen interest in current environmental issues and sustainability. Proven ability working to timings and deadlines.


Technical Skills

•   Geographical Information: ESRI ArcGIS, Clark Labs’ Idrisi Andes Edition

•   Remote Sensing: ERDAS Imagine, ENVI

•   Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access

Personal Skills

•   Communication - ability to communicate orally and in writing

•   Team Work- enjoy working in both team environments and independently

•   Problem Solving - excellent motivator and very energetic, maintain high ethical standards

•   Flexibility - ability to handle change and adapt to new conditions


•   Participation in: -the 15th Pan-Hellenic Meeting of Users of Geographical Information Systems ArcGIS (ArcInfo-ArcView) (10/11/2005)

-the preconvention education for Geographical Information Systems                                                                                              ArcGIS (ArcInfo-ArcView-ArcIMS) (9/11/2005)

-the Education-Presentation of ArcGIS Software (ArcInfo-ArcView) of ESRI (1/11/2004)

-the 14th Pan-Hellenic Meeting of Users of Geographical Information Systems ArcGIS   (ArcInfo-ArcView) (2/11/2004)

•   Certification of Knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Computer Operation provided by the Department of Marine Sciences-Equivalent to ECDL

•   Internet Based TOEFL (98/120) – 3/5/2008


Job Title

January 2012-Today University Hospital Southampton

Position: Interpreting Volunteer – The aim of this position is to enhance the quality of the patients visit by providing social and practical support in the form of interpreting for people who do not have English as a fist language, therefore helping to enable the visit to progress smoothly.

October 2011-Today BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers)

Position: Volunteer - BTCV is a British charitable organisation that works to facilitate environmental conservation through practical tasks undertaken by volunteers.

September 2011-Today The Environment Centre

Position: Energy and Community Team - Volunteer Energy Champion - The Environment Centre provides practical support and advice to enhance environmental, economic and social sustainability.

September 2010-Today Actively seeking for employment

May 2008-May 2009 Hellenic Army-National Service

Rank: Corporal - Responsible for a group of ten soldiers and a small campus settled in a remote location and also for the completion of various tasks assigned by superior officers.

June 2007–May 2008 Psarros Dimitrios - Pharmacy - Drugstore

Position: Volunteer Pharmacy/Drug Store Assistant – Responsible for handling clerical functions in the pharmacy as well as assisting the licensed pharmacist in selling and preparing medication to patients.

June 2004 –August 2004 Marathon Data Systems

Position: GIS Analyst - Marathon Data Systems has been the official distributor of ESRI’s products (Arc Info, Arc View, Arc GIS Server) in Greece and international countries. The primary subject of my responsibilities involved experience in ArcGIS software applications, data manipulation and programming.


September 2009- September 2010    MSc in Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis -

University of Southampton, Department of Geography, United Kingdom

Modules included Core Skills GIS, Advanced GIS, GIS for Environmental Management, GIS for Analysis of Health, Calibration and Validation of Earth Observation Data, Topographic Data Analysis Techniques and Applications

The Project for the MSc Thesis was related with the evaluation of the possibility of detecting illegal deforestation activities with use of time series of vegetation index derived from MERIS data (MERIS Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index-MTCI) in the country of Democratic Republic of Congo.

The completion of this project involved:

•   A Data Pre-processing stage which involved the creation of time series sequel

•     The Correction and Smoothing of the data, which involved the correction of the data regarding its various flaws

•   Feature extraction which involved the extraction of desired target pixels which indicate forested and deforested areas and the study of their MTCI profiles.

•   The results of this study were based on visual and statistical interpretation

September 2001 - June 2007       BSc in Marine Sciences - University of the Aegean Department of Marine Sciences, Mytilene, Lesvos Island, Greece

Modules included Core Skills GIS, Advanced GIS applications in the Marine Environment, Remote Sensing, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry.

BSc Degree Thesis was related with the detection of land use/land cover in the greater area of Athens with use of Satellite Images from the sensor Landsat ETM+ 7 and Corine Land Cover Database.                         

The completion of this project involved:

•   The application of an Unsupervised classification on the satellite data

•   The verification and clarification of the extracted results/classes with the use of Corine Land Cover Database.                                                           


Outside interests include a major interest in music, studies in classical guitar, vinyl collection and basketball.


References are available on request.

General Information

I recently finished my MSc Degree in Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis at the University of Southampton. The composition of the Modules in this Degree was exclusively related with the use of GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies in a vast field of Scientific Interest fields closely linked with the Environment and Environmental Management. This has provided me with knowledge on a wide range of applications including extended utilisation of GIS tools. My BSc Degree was in Marine Sciences but again I focused on GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies and how these could be used in Marine Environmental Applications.

Through Modules like Core Skills GIS, which I registered in my BSc and MSc Degree, I obtained a thorough understanding of GIS theory and practise, while by registering to Modules like Advanced GIS, Advanced GIS Applications in the Marine Environment, GIS for Environmental Management and GIS for Analysis of Health I managed to use and practice GIS in a variety of Scientific Fields, expanding my knowledge and experience to a more Advanced Level and comprehend the unlimited potentials that GIS can provide.

During my studies and Dissertations I made extensive use of MS-Office and especially Excel, in order to manage and process data, create graphs and multiple other tasks, including the creation and maintenance of Data Bases. I am experienced in handling large amounts of data and pay attention to details. Additionally I received from the Department of Marine Sciences a diploma that certifies the knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Computer Operation and is equivalent with ECDL.

Moreover due to the nature of my Degrees I am experienced in handling multiple tasks and working to tight deadlines. I am experienced in organising my tasks and work intensively on their completion.

From my CV you will see that I have the necessary skills and experience in the fields of Remote Sensing and GIS and may I draw particular attention to the following:

•   MSc Degree in Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis (School of Geography)

•   Good working knowledge and thorough understanding of GIS

•   Major interest in the environment and environmental issues

•   Good numeracy and literacy

•   Computer literate in MS-Office

•   Experience of using and maintaining a database and organising tasks   

•   Able to work effectively in a team, both large or small

•   Very energetic and enthusiastic

I can be available for interview at any time and look forward to hearing from you.


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