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Mapping Could help stop Ebola’s Spread

Monday, September 22nd 2014

Whether it’s the Black Death of 1350 or the Ebola virus in West Africa, one thing deadly pandemics have in common is that their progress takes a geographical course. But researcher Lars Skog at KTH Royal Institute of Technology is one of those developing geoinformation systems that can help health workers predict the spread of a disease and stop it.

Rutgers Researchers Show that How Fast You Drive Might Reveal Exactly Where You are Going

Thursday, September 18th 2014

Computer experts at Rutgers find that speed data collected by some insurance companies could compromise a customer’s privacy.

NASA/ISU RECOVER Program: Broad range of uses for natural disaster recovery

Thursday, September 18th 2014

Firefighter have tapped a GIS-satellite imagery decision support system designed by Idaho State University’s GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Training and Research Center and NASA to help with planning wildfire recovery. This system will be expanded for use throughout the western United States so it can used to help fire managers battle the large types of blazes that have occurred in Oregon, Washington and California this summer.

Redefining Geospatial Data Versioning: The GeoGig Approach

Thursday, September 11th 2014

Why would anyone want different versions of data? Don’t we all want data we can trust, that doesn’t vary from copy to copy? The answer is yes, sometimes. Boundless CTO Juan Marin explains how GeoGig can manage versioned geodata.

Cruising high seas, engineers detect fake GPS signals

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014

Spoofed GPS signals fool today's recievers into thinking they are real. But researchers at Cornell have a way to tell which are the real McCoys. The work may make GPS hackubg less of a worry.

Takeaways from the Esri Education GIS Conference 2014

Thursday, July 24th 2014

Executive Editor Adena Schutzberg attended Esri’s 15th annual Education GIS Conference last week in San Diego. She shares some ideas and innovations from the conference sessions and a suggestion for next year.

Learn ArcGIS: Esri Embraces New Vision for Teaching and Learning GIS

Saturday, July 12th 2014

Learn ArcGIS is Esri’s new website for teaching GIS to both new and existing users. It embraces a new corporate-wide goal of teaching through problem solving rather than via rote “button pushing.”  Executive Editor Adena Schutzberg has an exclusive look at both the educational vision and the site itself.

10 Common Python Errors of Beginning ArcGIS Programmers

Wednesday, July 9th 2014

Trainer Eric Pimpler shares his list of the ten most common Python errors. The list may be particularly valuable to beginner level Python programmers working with ArcGIS, but more experienced coders might find some valuable reminders.

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