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Esri Developer Summit 2012 RoundUp

Monday, April 2nd 2012
By Adena Schutzberg

This is not complete, but gives some flavor and highlights of what unfolded at the Esri Developer Summit last week in Palm Springs.

Write Ups:

  • GISi had many (all?) of its attendees blog each day. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 That's just great. 
  • Two blog posts from Esri Blog. The cover the plenary and keynote. (Only two? Maybe you need a few more journalists to cover the event?)
  • GISbiz


Esri's plenary videos are online. And there are others:


Silverlight - 1, 2, 3, 4

HTML5 + CSS3 Geolocation demo app from Intro to Web APIs

How To (for attendees):

To authorize 10.1 Prerelease, log into Customer Care site & choose Prerelease

Tweets of Note

Morten Nielsen ‏ @dotMorten
During #devsummit there were WAY more people coming to tell me how important #silverlight is to them than ppl asking about if "SL is dead"

Brandon B Brown ‏ @brandonbbrown
Bombtastic sweetness of new printing options in the web APIs #devsummit well done sirs, well done

Dave Bouwman ‏ @dbouwman
So - Scott Morehouse says that the next version of Desktop will be based on the RunTime bits. #devsummit #sweet!

Paul ferro ‏ @geotrek
Scott Morehouse: we will create a github like community to encourage open source solutions collaboration. #DevSummit

Sterling Quinn ‏ @SterlingGIS
Diagrams of potential ArcGIS Server 10.1 architectures, from large to small: #devsummit

Dave Bouwman ‏ @dbouwman
Mini DevSummits Are Planned For Europe As Well! #devsummit

Jithen (J) Singh ‏ @jiriteach
Lots Of Focus On Solutions With The Intent To Open Source Alot Of Them! #devsummit

Scott Bradley ‏ @djmapper
Big push to enabling disconnected workflows as well as online! #DevSummit

Jim Tochterman ‏ @jtochterman
Maybe lots of newer developers and less old school ones. RT@jiriteach: Wow Not Many Developers Are Esri Certified! #devsummit

Jithen (J) Singh ‏ @jiriteach
EDN Now Includes Runtime SDKs And A New EDN Enterprise Is Coming Which Includes Online! #devsummit

Jithen (J) Singh ‏ @jiriteach
So SP5 For ArcGIS 10 Is Coming In July! #devsummit

Scott Bradley ‏ @djmapper
All sessions recorded and available after the #DevSummit

Josef Strobl ‏ @GIStrobl
Why was #GeoDesign not even mentioned at ESRI #DevSummit? No need for any dev competence for design? No design before dev?

Jim Tochterman ‏ @jtochterman
For those of you who have never attended the #Esri #Devsummit, let me tell you now... Devsummit > UC!!!!! #NoComparison

crystal dorn ‏ @CrystalDorn Close
If you're paying for it when you're no longer using it, that's not the Cloud. #devsummit keynote Steve Riley

Not Covered

Beer, Chicken Wings, Dodgeball

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