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GIS Health News Weekly: HOTOSM, Opioid Prescriptions, Birth Control Laws around the World

Help Create Maps to Fight Ebola in West Africa   Tweets @assocCartONG: Ebola outbreak is not over in West Africa, nor is @hotosm activation! You can contribute to the map on:  #map4ebola Wide Variation In Prescription Rates for Opiod Pain Killers by...

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News and Analysis

GIS Tackles Big Issues: Environment, Health, Climate and Infrastructure

Recent news reveals how GIS tackles “big issues” including environment, health, climate and infrastructure. Are we using the correct tools? The right data? Or is it the human touch that plays the biggest role in our success or failure on these matters?

GIS Health News Weekly: Barbers, Polio, Lower Child Death Rates

Blood Pressure Check at the Barber Dr. Ronald Victor is taking blood pressure checks to the men of Los Angeles, by way of the barbershop. This week, he received an $8.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to fund a study testing whether...Read more

GIS Health News Weekly: Services Costs, Software Costs, Local Pollution

Another Maps of Medical Costs Across the U.S. According to a new cost-comparison map from Castlight Health shows the variation in medical prices across the U.S. It uses the price of four different services: a lipid panel, a CT scan (of head/brain), an MRI (of...Read more

GIS Health News Weekly: UK GP Lottery, Montreal Maps, Toe Nails

UK Doctors Not Evenly Distributed Research carried out by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) showed a stark divide in access to doctors, with people living in the most deprived communities facing the longest waiting times. There is good news,...Read more

GIS Health News Weekly: Tracking Animal Disease, EHR and Dementia

Crowdsourcing Animal Disease Map The interactive, online “Worms and Germs” map created by University of Guelph professor Scott Weese, Pathobiology, and former grad student Maureen Anderson, now at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, is designed to...Read more

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