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MapQuest Patent: Map Displays with POI information based on Reference Locations

The patent Systems and methods for generating electronic map displays with points-of-interest information based on reference locations was granted yesterday to MapQuest. Today, rumor is the company is shutting down its Lancaster, PA location (where two of the inventors of this patent, at least,...

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Factual Wants You to Know: Geopulse Geotag

Factual shared on its blog: We’re very pleased to announce the release of Factual’s Geopulse Geotag, a reverse geocoder optimized for the geographic labelling of images, messages, events, and digital assets created on mobile devices. Geopulse Geotag features...Read more

Augmented Reality: A Disruptive Technology in Utility Asset Management

One of many fields to undergo phases of disruptive technology and innovation is utility locating technology. In this article, Michelle Goldsmith, a freelance technology journalist,discusses the use of augmented reality with mobile devices to visualize underground assets....Read more

Mapping Open (and not so Open) Wi-Fi with Your Cat

Remember wardriving? That's the term for driving around with sensors to detect open wi-fi routers with the goal of mapping or using them. This weekend security researcher Gene Bransfield spoke at the DefCon hacker convention about a device to do just that, but for...Read more

GIS Health News Weekly: Student Paper Competition, LBS for Docs, Plague

AAG Health and Medical Geography Specialty Group Student Paper Competition The Health and Medical Geography Specialty Group (HMGSG) invites current undergraduate and graduate students to submit their work to the specialty group’s annual Peter Gould Student...Read more

Summer of Big Data and Location Tracking at Baseball Parks

Sabermetrics isn't he only type of statistical analysis being used in baseball these days. Location tracking is turning into the next "big data," number crunching, analytical tool used at Major League ballparks. This year, nearly all ballparks are being outfitted...Read more

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