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Watercolor Rendering and other OpenStreetMap News

Thursday, March 29th 2012
By Adena Schutzberg

Designers at data visualization house Stamen have created a very cool compromise for digital maps. It’s a watercolor-like skin for any OpenStreetMap project, and it’s totally remarkable. Streets have an organic, analog roundness to their edges, and bodies of water aren’t a solid blue, but a mix of hues and color densities, as if the map is actual, textured paper slathered with a casual mix of water and paint. (In fact, the digital render is pretty much indistinguishable from any actual scanned map.)

It's iicensed under Creative Commons.

- FastCo Design

The NextWeb delves into Apple, Google and OSM. One big quesiton: Does Bing use OSM. In the end we learn: no, it does not. Oh, and there's some conspiracy theory in there, too.

- The Next Web

The OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan (OSMFJ) and TheOpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) announce the release of a new OpenStreetMap layer for Yahoo!JAPAN map services. The new OSM layer is available on Yahoo! JAPAN Local.

This follows the March 6 donation of data by Yahoo!Japan. And, there's a mobile layer, too, for Japan.

OSM Foundation

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