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Teaching Autistic Kids with UASs

Thursday, December 12th 2013
By Adena Schutzberg

Last night I read UAS Takes Autism to the Sky in Professional Survey (I used to work for that publication.) It's about a fellow in our field starting a small Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a six month educational project for autistic kids. They built, learned to fly and then collected data with a UAS. They also drew maps of what they expcted to see before the flight and redrew them after seeing imagery they collected. It's a great article; you should read it.

What struck me as I read it was how cool a project this was for anyone: kid, adult, with a disability, without a disability... The best educational projects often are. Further, if you can figure out how to teach something to kids, the same types of pedagogy can often work for adults. I hope to see implementations of this sort of thing at 4-H clubs, YMCAs, after school programs, museums and other places where kids and adults can work together and do something cool. Oh, and learn a bit our geospatial technologies and geography.

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