2012 Reader Survey:  Social Media, Local User Conferences Reflect Preferences

By Joe Francica

We recently completed our 2012 Directions Magazine Reader Survey and we wanted to share some of the results. First, we had 1711 respondents this year; 1532 completed the entire survey for an 89.5% completion rate. The majority, 49%, were “users or analysts”; 43% “influenced” purchasing decisions while 19% where the “decision makers.” 

As usual, “state and local government” was the category of users most often cited as the industry in which they worked at 28% and the next closest category after that was education far back at 8%. 68% of readers were from the U.S. with Canada at 9.5% and India at 3.4%.

Forty-five percent (45%) of our readers utilize online sources daily; 40% told us they are using social media daily while only 3% read a print magazine daily. Somewhat surprising was the use of social media sources; 22% do not use Facebook or LinkedIn; and over 50% don’t use Twitter or Google+.

Our webinars continue to be very popular with the majority asking us for more “how to” webinars.

The majority of readers, 53%, attended a local or state user group within the last two years.

Below are the results in graphical form of some of the results (click each for a larger image). Thanks for being a part of this year's survey and we especially thank the winners of our Nexus 7 tablet:

Frank Changa

Darren Frawley
City of Woodland

Wayne Knapp
75th Ranger Regiment

Published Monday, October 8th, 2012

Written by Joe Francica

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