Google GIS Tidbits - 5/6/11

There is, for example, the young man who mapped all of Sao Paolo and then licensed his GIS to Google for its local Maps. Patrizia, on my right at lunch, tells me that with a better entrepreneurial infrastructure perhaps he could have been Google Maps!

One of many examples of what startups are doing in Brazil.

- Fast Company

I used to complain about how every city paper had to write the obligatory "TomTom or "NAVTEQ is driving its cars around to map our city" piece. The newest geo story to have that sort of frequency? The "I told Google it was wrong on the map and they fixed it" story. Here's one from Canada.

- Niagra This Week

Google Introduces Service That Shows Users the Inside of Local Businesses

Marissa Meyer announced that yesterday. Not surprising to me.

- Bloomberg

Googlers used some of their 20% time to put together maps for the huge Boulder Bolder, a 10k race in that Colorado City.  Most wished for race map in my list: driving directions to drive the course! I make them by hand by following some of the handdrawn USTAF certification maps! Yech!

- Lat Long Blog

Google announced Thursday that it is gearing up to map the world's newest country: The Republic of South Sudan...

Google is teaming with the World Bank, Sudan Institute, Voices for Sudan, The Enough Project and other organizations—as well as 70 members of the Sudanese Diaspora—to map South Sudan. 

- VatorNews

Published Friday, May 6th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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