A New Map of the Geospatial Marketplace

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The geospatial technology provider marketplace is growing every day. New players are hitching their wagons to the demand for enterprise solutions from specialized corners of information technology, not to mentions the far corners of the globe. How can we make sense of the lay of the land and the future may hold? Joe Francica and Adena Schutzberg explore a new and the possible road ahead.

A Proposed New Map of the Geospatial Marketplace (click for larger image)

Show Notes

The 2009 ESRI Health GIS Conference will take place September 21-23 in Nashville, Tennessee. Be part of the conference by submitting an abstract to share your success with GIS and discuss best practices with others from health and human services organizations. The deadline to submit an abstract is May 8th. For more information visit the registration website.

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