A newVue of geoVue

By Hal Reid

_In today's corporate world, the term "reorganization" frequently carries negative connotations – it usually means the CFO is busy saving his future by dumping workers right and left to make the bottom line look better. But geoVue's recent reorganization actually involves adding people, and looks to better gear the company for aggressive expansion.

In a recent conversation with Rudy Nadilo, the new CEO, I learned that Jim Stone, an icon in the location intelligence realm for some time, still remains active in the company, which he founded back in the ‘90s. He has taken on the role of Chief Development Officer, heading up the company's consultancy, client management and strategic partnerships operations. Nadilo, whose background is in marketing, has a three-part mission.
  • Expand the recognition of geoVue branded products and services
  • Extend the company's expertise in consulting and client services functions
  • Create the 3rd generation of location intelligence
Nadilo sees the "3rd generation of LI" as a three-step evolution.
  • 1st Generation: Basic systems, mapping/demographics, some graphics
  • 2nd Generation: Cool gadgets such PDA access to demographics and maps, and excess functionality
  • 3rd Generation: Extension into capital planning, merchandising and marketing as well as site selection tools, store network optimization tools and performance prediction
Included in this vision of the "third generation of LI" are some non-traditional data elements, such as where/when/what you buy, where are you coming from/going to, and pre-purchase information. While the where from/to factors are standard in impact studies, the company would also apply them to pre-purchase patterns. These factors would allow geoVue to extend into the merchandising mix and marketing areas.

The company believes the capital planning functionality is critical to moving further into the enterprise. If a company can plan how development capital is going to be spent, it can then project the return and determine where that money is going to be allocated geographically. Knowing this, the company can have a more effective overall development process.

Nadilo also wants to capitalize on geoVue's traditional strengths. He believes that by combining the company's easy to use software for market analysis in conjunction with the customer's and geoVues trade area expertise that a solution can be quickly deployed. The company has always focused on ease of use. The first versions of their iSITE software had a marketing tag line of, "If you can't figure out how to use this software, don't tell anyone."

Nadilo's focus is summed up in the geoVue marketing phrase: "We know where you need to be." This refers not just to the physical geography (as in store locations), but where you need to be as an enterprise in the application of LI.

To help drive this vision, geoVue has increased its sales force by three, opened a new two-person office in Boise, ID, and put Stone in charge of clients, consulting and strategic partnerships. This reorganization actually appears to be designed to drive company growth, expand its depth and scope, and make it an even more significant player in the LI space.

Published Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Written by Hal Reid

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