A Single Version of the Truth: How to Capture and Use the Best Address Data Possible

By Directions Staff

Directions Magazine (DM): What developer tools does Loqate offer to help clean and validate addresses? How are these different from other offerings?
Geoff Roach (GR): All Loqate technology is accessed through one API that comes in various flavors—REST being the most prevalent. Slightly different versions of the API exist depending upon whether you are using the service through the cloud or installed locally in your company. There are also demos, examples and a special developer query interface to help developers learn and test their work.
DM: What is master data management? What is significant or unique about Dell Boomi MDM?
Rob Moyer (RM): MDM is the processes and technologies aimed at creating and maintaining an authoritative data repository that represents a single version of the truth and helps to enable the 360-degree view of your domain data.  Poor data quality costs enterprises billions of dollars annually, as without clean, consistent and accurate data, companies are unable to improve business processes and decision making, quickly combine IT infrastructures that result from mergers and acquisitions or rapidly address compliance and liability issues.
What makes our approach unique is that we offer a combination of next generation MDM features, the efficiencies of data integration and data management from a single vendor, economics of a 100% cloud solution and the accelerated time to value of crowdsourced domain modeling.  This allows you to rapidly recognize the benefits of MDM with little to no risk, making Dell Boomi MDM the perfect solution for companies looking to tackle the challenges of managing data in a decentralized environment.
The partnership with Loqate is the next step in Dell Boomi’s strategy to provide a 100% cloud-based platform encompassing data integration, master data management and data quality services.
DM: What is the synergy of the two working together?
RM: The inclusion of Loqate as a customer data quality service provider allows us to provide real-time global address verification within the Dell Boomi MDM solution.  
DM: Who are the potential customers of the combined solution?
RM: Companies of all sizes. Customers who use Loqate with Dell Boomi MDM can meet the address data verification challenge on a global scale with an affordable service that ensures data quality by validating, cleansing and enriching the address information as it flows through the Dell Boomi MDM solution.
DM: How is the solution priced? 
RM: Pricing is tiered, based on prepayment, so the more customers buy up front, the lower the cost for each record verification. Contact Boomi directly for details.

Published Monday, July 1st, 2013

Written by Directions Staff

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