ADCi Releases ADC WorldMap 5.0

By Nora Parker

I followed up with Jim Reid about a press release posted by ADCi about ADC WorldMap 5.0. Reid is president of ADCi.

An image of ADC WorldMap Digital Atlas 5.0 showing an area in Southeast England. Used with permission. (Click for larger image)

Nora Parker (NP): What's the main use of this database? How to the enhancements improve usage?

Jim Reid (JR): Most of our customers use the data as a high level reference map of the world. Many use it for online applications ( is a good example) where the first screen you see is our data at a high level, and as the user drills down. Our data goes away and street data from another vendor is displayed.

Other uses include background maps for weather, lightning, ocean vessel tracking, bird migration, etc. The enhancements improve the product because the country names and boundaries are updated and current. The big enhancement adds Level 1 Administrative boundaries for all countries of the world. For example, we have always had the country boundary and now we have the next level of boundary (the equivalent of states in the US).

NP: What are the main data sources for the enhancements?

JR: We use the GfK Macon data.

NP: What are some of the more unusually layers included, and unusual uses of which you are aware?

There's nothing too unusual included, as the product is intended to be an entry level data set that is seamless around the globe. We strive to keep the price low (a single user license is $3,250) while providing an easy-to-use, quick drawing, aesthetically pleasing world atlas.

Published Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

Written by Nora Parker

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