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Brightkite Pivots Again and other LBS News

Brightkite, one of the early check-in apps has already pivoted once. It turned from check-ins to group texting (the "hot"? thing at SSW this year). Now the future is unclear and the company may be dead, according to TechCrunch.


At, we began using Foursquare to explore how geolocation could expand the reach of our messages. We developed a plan with the following goals:
  • To model transparency and to help extend the reach of (and when appropriate Federal partners’) information and activities.
  • To raise visibility of at relevant conferences/events/locations to other Foursquare users and location-based users.
  • To use “tips” and “check-ins” to raise awareness of events, meetings and conferences on the subject of HIV/AIDS and the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.
  • To promote the website, blog, Facebook, etc. to other visitors (current visitors at conferences/events and future visitors at influential locations such as HHS).
  • To upload photos at conferences/events/locations that will appear on our Foursquare account.

- Blog.Aids.Gov

PR Manager Paul Rayment is mapping the history of famous rappers on the location-based service [Foursquare], adding note-worthy locations in the buildup to their careers. Rayment has mapped Tupac’s roots and he plans to chronicle Jay-Z next.

- Mashable

Published Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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