Air Photos Capture Devastation to Greensburg, Kansas

By Joe Francica

The tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas on May 5th has been rated a "5" on the Enhanced Fujita scale.The devastation is hard to imagine from news reports until you see pictures of the tornado that was estimated to be two miles (see doppler radar imagery) in width by NOAA's National Weather Service and essentially reduced the entire town to ruble.

MJ Harden, a GeoEye company, captured the following aerial images on May 12th at various resolutions.

Two feet (Click on image to see full resolution)

Six inches (Click on image to see full resolution)

Tenth foot (Click on image to see full resolution)

Photos courtesy of GeoEye/MJ Harden

Published Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Written by Joe Francica

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