Amazon Tracking and Location Prediction Patent Granted

The patent was made public last week. It's was applied for in 2007 and is titled, "System and method for providing advertisement based on mobile device travel patterns." It's wierd the abstract mis-expands GPS:

Mobile device users may be tracked either via mobile-signal triangulation or via Global Positioning Satellite information. A mobile device user's recent movements may be analyzed to determine trails or traffic patterns for device user among various locations. Mobile device trail information, either for an individual user or aggregated for multiple users, may be analyzed to determine a next destination for the user. Electronic advertising content, such as advertisements, coupons and/or other communications, associated with the next destination may be sent to an electronic device likely to be viewed by the mobile device user. Additionally, the identity of the mobile device user may be known and the advertisements or coupons may be tailored according to demographic information regarding the mobile device user. In addition, destinations may be recommended to mobile device users based on the recent locations the users have visited.

CBS News breaks down the claims and speculation is this may be the future of the Kindle/Kindle Fire.

CBS News via SlashGeo

Published Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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