New Zealand Building Industry Pushes for National Permitting System and other Government GIS News

Building industry and government agency representatives in New Zealand have proposed a national online system for building permitting which would save money and increase interoperability in BIM and GIS systems. Supporters suggest it could save some NZ$1.5B and could well be the first such system in the world.

Computerworld NZ

The Dallas News details the creation of a neighborhood map for the city and a hope that someday, it might be adopted as an official city map. The Mayor is very interested in the project. I for one think this is a great opportunity to teach about the subjectivity of geography, especially in the context of cultural boundaries.

BcWORKSHOP Neighborhood Map

- City Hall Blog

Enter this in tales of the weird: Two Hall County, Nebraska officials are arguing, publicly, about the possible misuse of a staffer and/or the GIS system for making fishing maps. Among the outcomes thus far: the locks on the GIS lab have been changed.

- Grand Island Independent

Published Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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