Apple Acquires Locationary to Address Location-based Big Data

TechCrunch reports that Apple has acquired Locationary, a start-up company that focuses on location-based big data. TechCrunch makes two observations:

  1. This is a move correct some of the problems with Apple Maps
  2. It will support Apples growing position in enterprise computing and mobile apps, and "it makes sense to introduce more services that integrate with those devices to create more revenue streams and of course tie those enterprises even more tightly into the Apple ecosystem."

But, digging a little deeper into Saturn, Locationary's cloud-based platform for data management, it's a little hard to see how this solution differs from that offered by Safe Software or Pitney Bowes Software's master data management solutions. Locationary cites these applications and functions of Saturn:

  • Offload common data management tasks
  • Private cloud storage that can be shared with others
  • Collaborate with others like dropbox
  • Data management and better data exchange
  • Clean, normalize, translate, de-dupe
  • Integrate data from various sources


You can watch Locationary's Founder Grant Ritchie in a YouTube video that goes into more detail about Saturn which sounds more like a PaaS than anything. Certainly the big data aspect is what Locationary, and Apple are selling as advantages and it looks like Apple recognizes the huge challenge that location-based data is causing in the mobile space.

Published Friday, July 19th, 2013

Written by Joe Francica

Published in

Location Intelligence

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