Apple Buys WifiSLAM, Indoor Location Company

The Wall Street Journal's Digits blog reports that Apple has acquired WifiSLAM, a company that lets cell phones locate themselves indoors using existing WiFi signals. Apple paid $20 Million for the two-year old company which had raised an unknown amount of angel money. According to CNet, WiFiSLAM was founded by ex-Google engineer Joseph Huang. Accuracy of WiFiSLAMS technology is pegged at 2.5m.

My take

This is the year of indoor positioning. We've seen this with a number of new announcements both from app developer and chip manufacturers that are designing chips with lower power consumption so that this feature can work continuously. From Macy's to Walgreens, retailers are developing applications for indoor location-based marketing. 

Published Monday, March 25th, 2013

Written by Joe Francica

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