ArcGIS 10.1 “Biggest Release Ever” #esrifedcon

Esri's Jack Dangermond, speaking at the company's Federal GIS Conference, said that  ArcGIS 10.1 "is our biggest release ever" where users will find enhancements in quality and a focus on usability to empower geospatial professionals across more organizations. Dangermond said the release cost the company $300 Million in development costs.

Dangermond stressed that the new release tries to broadening the reach of maps to every office; "maps and apps for everyone" he called it. As such, Esri announced a new product that works in Microsoft Office: Esri Maps Ribbon. The application takes data stored in a spreadsheet and creates a map on the fly. Another function of the ribbon is to export the map as a PowerPoint slide. The application will be in late March with  final release in late 2012.

Esri also announced that the 10.1 release integrates with Microsoft Sharepoint, IBM Cognos and

Dangermond said that ArcGIS Server has made huge steps at 10.1 making it easier to load and faster. It run in a 64 bit environment. Esri is releasing a Linux version as well.

Esri's largest development team is dedicated to mobile GIS according to Dangermond, seizing on the opportunity for connecting a growing list of mobile workers and which he hope will further enable  "how we do public service and public engagement."

What's coming in 10.1? Much has already been reported before, but at this event, many Esri showed many demos, cloaked in case studies from U.S. federal agencies as follows:

Map editing and visualization

  • New features: Geotagged photos on ArcGIS maps.
  • KML to Layer tool - enhanced in 10.1 - import KML directly into maps.
  • Enhanced filtering and search by geography; results list has thumbnails.
  • Managing and updating data - updating information from incoming reports; browse geodatabase to get an overview to see versions; locking mode; and object type.
  • Editing: Editor Tracking tab in : identify tracking edits while working and changing or adding features.
  • Dynamic Legends: show just the layers within the map extents displayed (today); for 10.1 the latest trick is that the symbols in legends are also dynamic and show on the symbol classes in the map extents.
  • Enable Maps to Evolve with Time: using time slider to visualize historical iformation. For 10.1 use "time live" mode by restricting date reange to today and a refresh limit. So you can get just the live information and watch information come into the map as time unfolds.
  • Map Package: for 10.1 - put additional files into the maps package; reports, timelines, etc. before sharing it out.
  • Sharing with wider audience: share directly via Amazon Cloud.

Access Controls

  • Enable ownership access control and feature access capabilities.
  • ArcGIS Server Manager enhanced gets a facelift: utilities directory has a pre-configured printing service. No longer have to write custom code for apps.
  • New web APIs.

Analytical Methods

  • New in 10.1 - grouping analysis - find patterns that exist in data when using lots of data variables.  Construct spatial weights based on distance. Groupings can simplify patterns, group them and identify the most or least pervasive variable that makes that grouping significant. It is especially useful when complex, multivariate data needs to be simplified for visualization to remove the "overcrowding" of thematiczed point data.
  • Exploratory regression  - test all the combination of variables that are consistently and statistically valid.

Runtime capability

  • Custom application development - Esri is releasing ArcGIS runtime.
  • Once runtime is on the computer; just copy over files that will be used in the project.
  • Runtime app can scale to data needs.
  • ArcGIS Runtime can run concurrently with older versions of ArcGIS.

New basemaps in the Community Basemap Gallery

  • National Geographic Library - land and ocean maps.
  • A light gray basemap to offer an option for greater contrast.
  • OpenStreetMap is avialable.
  • USGS Landsat imagery can be added as a service to ArcGIS Online.

Image Services

  • Multitemporal and multispectral image display can now be viewed as a single library.
  • 10.1 improves how ArcMap displays data. Image registration is done on the fly using image metadata.
  • Full support for mensuration directly from imagery such as building height measurements. It can take measurements from building top to bottom or from top of building using building's shadow.

LiDAR data processing

  • ArcGIS 10.1 Server can render LiDAR data into a 3D model.

Full Motion Video

  • ArcGIS 10.1 finally has full motion video support, which is integrated with map data; flip through frame by frame. The new version comes complete with the ability to read metadata directly from UAV sensor.

What's beyond 10.1? 11? 10.2? Dangermond said he doesn't know but added that there will be more 3d and more real-time data management.

Published Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Written by Joe Francica

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