ArcGIS Online Credit Estimator Now Online

As I noted last month, Esri expected to launch a tool to better estimate credti use in ArcGIS Online in September. The ArcGIS Online Credit Estimator launched today.

The website provides a chart for starters:


Service Service Credits Used
Tile Generation 1 credit per 1,000 tiles generated
Feature Services 2.4 credits per 10 MB stored per month
Tile and Data Storage 1.2 credits per 1 GB stored per month
Geocoding 80 credits per 1,000 geocodes
Data Transfer (outbound) 6 credits per 1 GB

There are more details regarding tile generation and geocoding "costs" on dedicated pages. Finally, there is a tool where subscribers can key in their expected transaction parameters to estimate the organization's cost in credits for a full year. As the tool makes clear:

The service credits estimator should only be used as a reference to estimate ArcGIS Online service credits usage. Your actual service credits usage may vary.

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Published Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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Esri Technology

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