Austin Selected for Code for America and other Government GIS News

Austin was selected last week as a partner city with Code for America, a non-profit organization that connects developers with people who deliver city services. Code for America receives funding from the Knight Foundation and Microsoft among many others.  

The city makes some data available; the vision for the project starting in January is for apps to use those data.

- KUT News

Washington County, MD will recoup its investment ($467,000) in digital property maps by requiring surveyors and others who want their own copies to pay a $300 license fee. The data is freely viewable online. Hagerstown will get 24% of the fees as its data is 24% of the county's. Commissioners voted unanmously on this fee.

- Herald Mail

The Albion Town Council [IN] directed its town manager to complete electronic utility mapping layers for the town’s Geographic Information System maps.

The City of Portsmouth, NH has all sorts of maps online - tax, bike racks, wireless. And, except for some based on Google Maps, there are all PDF.

- Seacoast Online

Town manager Beth Shellman needs to complete a major project that benefits the town and uses tools and techniques learned in her Certified Public Manager Phase 2 training to complete that training.

Shellman gave the council a list of four possible projects for that work. The council unanimously chose the GIS project.

I wonder if that means that the Certified Public Manager training includes discussion of GIS?


Published Friday, October 28th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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