Autodesk University 2003 Overview

By Directions Staff

Last week, Senior Contributing Editor, Hal Reid Traveled to Las Vegas to cover Autodesk University 2003.Mr.Reid provides a complete synopsis of the major issues facing Autodesk with particular emphasis on CAD-GIS integration.We you will find this review a useful perspective on Autodesk's vision for geospatial production development.

Bass Delivers Autodesk University Keynote
This year's keynote at the Autodesk University Conference in Las Vegas (Dec.1-4) was given by Carl Bass, Senior VP, Design Solutions Group.Mr. Bass noted that while in the last 20 years, the PC was 1,000 times faster and dramatically better; software generally could not make this same claim. Read more from his keynote address by senior contributing editor, Hal Reid.

Expanding the View: What You Really Need are Three 17-inch Monitors for True GIS Visualization
Sometimes the obvious has to hit you right in the nose.Multiple monitors are one of those things that you know about, have worked with, and you forget just how cool they can be until you see them done right.That's really what you need for true geospatial visualization.

CAD, GIS Integration: Why Would You Want to Do This Anyway?
In many ways CAD and GIS are like oil and water.The CAD people see their work as engineering-based with high precision placement and accurate measurement.They view GIS as neither precise nor accurate.The GIS people see their work as larger scale (who wants a map at 1:40 or 1:20?) and cartographic in nature rather than pure engineering.It is not that GIS-ers do not want the accuracy; it is just a lot harder to do over large geographies.Read Senior Contributing Editor Hal Reid's "unbiased and open-minded" opinion on this issue!

Project Lifecycle Management: A commentary.
Autodesk has a core concept of Lifecycle Management as an application for their products.That is, incorporating information from the initial design of a project through the construction and management of the end product, whether that project is a building or an item that is manufactured. Autodesk, however, at first blush, they seem to be missing the entire story. Read more of Senior Contributing Editor Hal Reid's notes from Autodesk University.

Temporal GIS - at Last
Temporal GIS is finally here.No more slide shows of .jpg files or cut and pasting into Power Point just to show things like 2000, 2003 and 2007 demographics.While these techniques worked, it was never quite what you wanted to show and always was clunky.

Published Friday, December 12th, 2003

Written by Directions Staff

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