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In Southend on Sea, in Sussex, UK suspects released on bail for certain crimes have as a condition of their bail not visiting certain areas. How do they know which areas? They get maps. While some people will ignore such a requirement, Sgt Bill Potter, of the town’s beat section, said: “it’s been quite successful." One commentor notes this program only works if the suspects can read maps!

- Echo News

In Lamar County, MS fire insurance rates are going up. Why? Insurance companies are more carefully coding the fire risk for properties. That's meant that some homeownemers are seeing sharp increases.

It reached the point that Mike Chaney, the state's commissioner of insurance, stepped in, ordering that any insurer using a GIS system had to "implement any resultant incrementally."

I wonder if that means if the companies did not use GIS for the determination, they could jump the rates quickly.  I find it odd the technology was specifically mentioned in the order (pdf).

- Hattiesburg America

The Bahamas and Cuba have come to an agreement about a maritime boundary.

The geographic coordinates that form this medium line between The Bahamas and Cuba were generated by a software called ‘Clarisoft’ in conjunction with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  GIS, according to Antonique Strachan, a GIS analyst for the Bahamas National Geographic Information Systems Center (BNGIS), is a base system used to store, analyze and manipulate geographic locations.

- The Nassau Guardian

Published Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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