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Upperclassmen at the Park School in Baltimore created a map labeling neighborhoods in the city with countries with comparable life expectancies. The map did not use GIS. It was developed for a Human Geography class and inspired by Johns Hopkins University professor Eric Rice.

- Baltimore Sun

The New York Times recommends that in the age of GPS and Google Maps students actually visit the campus of schools they might like to attend! Gasp! Among the suggestions on how to gauge how a campus "feels": act like you are lost and see how the community reacts! My Dad told me that I knew I was going to the University of Chicago the moment we got off the plane at O'Hare!

Having said that I understand that students are in fact visiting brick and mortar schools, even if their intent it to get an online degree from it!

- NY Times

Vermont Campus Compact’s Statewide Internships for Vermont Recovery Project will place thirteen undergraduate and graduate students from 6 different campuses with long-term recovery committees and community organizations around the state. Students will take on a variety of projects that range from working directly with flood survivors, documenting changes to local rivers, and improving emergency response plans.

Among them is Kate Emerson, an environmental studies major and student of GIS at Green Mountain College. (Yeah, I bet I know who taught her GIS!)

“I will use my GIS and mapping skills to document the Mad River and inform policy decisions. I also hope my work will be useful in educating the public about how rivers move and change over time.”

- press release

Published Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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