Bentley Systems to Broadly Strengthen Hold on DOT Marketplace with TransDecision Purchase

By Joe Francica

In a move to further advance its competitive position in providing geospatial solutions to state-level departments of transportation (DOT), Bentley Systems announced that it had acquired TransDecision's DOT division.The purchase will allow Bentley's Linear Data Management Solution (LDM) to incorporate TransDecision's Linear Referencing System Extensions (LRSx) and more completely address the analytical needs of the transportation management workflow.

The move also reflects a wider reorganization within Bentley Systems. "We in fact have gone through a significant reorganization to more directly focus on several key verticals where Bentley strengths are: Transportation, Plant and Building.The organization goes across all aspects of our structure: Bentley Software, Product & Industry Marketing & Sales," stated Tom Clemons, Director of Government Sales." We feel the addition of the TransDecision transportation portion of product, people & position in a number of DOTs is a great addition to our Bentley Transportation suite of solutions - ARPS (permitting & routing), LDM, Right of Way, and Advanced Traffic Management Systems.We will be supporting and enhancing LRSx as it exists today and as time and requirements allow, integrate with Bentley products & solutions, like the ones above that have been developed by Bentley."

TransDecision has developed its technology with the capability to interface with ESRI, Intergraph, and Oracle technology, systems that are most prevalent within today's DOT geographic information infrastructure.Clemons said, "Another key piece that TransDecision brings to us is the successful work they have done integrating with Intergraph's GeoMedia and work already started to integrate with ESRI data also.Bentley will be very proactive in delivering interoperability tools, products & services to DOTs in support of their established GIS systems, whether they are ESRI, Intergraph or others, like Autodesk.MicroStation V8 helps a great deal with that path and other work done with our CMP architecture (Create, Manage, Publish) tools also added to the interoperability goals that Greg Bentley has established.

In the new organization, there will be a common history among many of the employees who will be joining Bentley in this move.Clemons, who helped to initiate the discussions with TransDecisions, worked closely with Tom Gergel and Tim Bisch while all were at Intergraph in the mid-90's.This team will be supported by existing Bentley employees, Tom Igou, vice president of the transportation vertical for U.S.and Canadian sales; Mike Sedgwick, account manager for transportation; and Kirk Devine, manager of professional services for Bentley Transportation, all of whom spent several years at Intergraph.

Published Tuesday, January 7th, 2003

Written by Joe Francica

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