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UCL's Muki Haklay tweets: "from 1st Oct I'm a Professor of GIScience." I guess that term is catching on.

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Research funded by NASA at the Idaho State using GIS confirmed the unintuitive conclusion that grazing animals intensely on a small area of land is better for the land that more distributed options. The highly used land holds 10% more water.


- ISU News

Master’s degree candidates at the Technical University of Delft’s SpaceTech session for the academic year ending in June have registered a company that would provide mass-market access to satellite imagery and value-added services from a fleet of 12 optical and five radar Earth observation satellites.

The proposal, registered in the Isle of Man as Mobeo Ltd., was presented at the final SpaceTech symposium July 1 amid presentations by private- and public-sector space officials that showed a continued lack of consensus on whether satellite imagery should be distributed free.

The vision is to offer developers and API to access the data, against which they'd build "apps" as I understand it.

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Published Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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