Bing Leaves Beta, Adds New Functionality

This is the first step in making the Silverlight version the default for everyone. For now users can switch between the Sliverlight and AJAX versions )but remember StreetSide images are only available in Sliverlight…). Frederic Lardinois says the updates put Bing Maps (the beta was launched in December) ahead of Google Maps in many ways. He refers to two new “apps” for Bing Maps:  Destination Maps and an events app.

Destination maps are maps you create to give to friends/business associates to find a location. The twist? You can author the easy-to-read maps in different styles: American, European, Sketchy and Treasure,  “a pirate map.” The events app allows you to search from events in an area and filter them. Source for events? So far: zvent.

Word on the street is that Sliverlight has about 50% adoption and this move aims to raise it.

To be honest, since Google has had so many data issues of late, using its own data, I double check its directions at…MapQuest.

- Bing Maps Blog (Since this blog post appeared yesterday, I expect an e-mail from Microsoft’s PR firm on it today.)
- ReadWriteWeb

Published Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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