BlackBerry 10 Mapping App: Not So Great

Business Insider is not at all happy with the mapping app delivered with the new Blackberry devices/operating system.

Among the things missing:

No street view or satellite view.No public transit directions. 

No way to look up news and reviews of venues based on Yelp, Zagat, or a similar service.

It has problems finding lesser-known venues like mom and pop stores and restaurants. (Although if you search for popular stuff like "McDonald's" or "The Empire State Building" you won't have a problem.)

You can only look up directions between your current location and the place you'd like to go. You can't look up two different addresses and find directions between them.

The interface is difficult to figure out.

What's the tech? TCS for backend and TomTom for data.

- Business Insider via reader Kevin (who I guess is a BlackBerry guy!)

Published Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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