Bowling Green Park and Walk Map and other Education GIS News

There a parking crisis on campus at Bowling Green State University in Ohio [corrected per comment]. There's limited parking at lots assigned for specific students. Parking services is trying to help by providing a map that shows how long it takes to walk to campus building from various lots.

- BGSU News

The UN Secretary-General has published a report on 'Open access, virtual science libraries, geospatial analysis and other complementary information and communications technology and science, technology, engineering and mathematics assets to address development issues, with particular attention to education.' Executive Summary:

This report provides an overview of how open access, virtual science libraries, and geographic information systems (GIS) could be harnessed to address development challenges, especially in the area of education. It contains recommendations for consideration by national governments and the international community, with a view to encouraging and expanding further development and adoption of these ICT assets.

- document (pdf) via +ScottMcQuaid

Justin Holman ranked (but did not map) what he considers the top graudate geography programs in the U.S. Go State.

- Geographical Perspectives Blog via @gletham

Published Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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