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With the California Legislature back in session, the California Technology Agency’s Office of Geographic Information Systems has launched a new geocoding tool to help Californians find their state legislative representatives. Using the California Enterprise Geocoding Service, in partnership with the Legislative Data Center, the site provides the user the ability to locate their legislative representatives based on entering an address.

Is the term geocoding in that paragraph too many times before its defined?


GIS and how things are measured are creating challenges in finding legal homes for sex offenders in Boone County, MO.

Initial calculations placed Lange just feet outside the required 1,000-foot restriction, sheriff's department Detective Jessica Jameson said, but the sheriff's department has since learned the GIS was calculating distances from the center of schools to the center of homes. That measurement was sufficient for Brown to reside at the Grace Ellen address, but that's not how Boone County detectives enforce restrictions. ...

For the past four years, detectives have enforced distances from property line to property line, Detective Andrea Luntsford said. That measurement started when the Boone County Prosecuting Attorney's Office recommended it instead of measuring door to door.

County cooridinators are going to recalculate boundaries based on this alternative measurement technique.

- Columbia Tribune

Citing nearly two years of unsuccessful attempts at getting the county’s emergency response Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) system fully functioning, Callaway County [MO] Sheriff Dennis Crane said his office was done with its deal with GeoComm at a meeting with GeoComm and county officials in the Callaway County Ambulance District Tuesday.

Server problems and cellular access in unincorporated areas contributed to the delay delivery.

- Fulton Sun

Published Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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