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Owners of non-residential properties in Roanoke, VA can get an estimate of fees if the city's proposed storm water utility fee goes into effect. Ready?

To calculate the monthly fee for a parcel, go to the city’s new GIS site at [I put in the link since the text there is not the direct link...] and search for your parcel.

Once it’s located, click the “Map Layers” tab, expand the “Draft Commercial Impervious Surface” and check the box to activate the layer. The impervious surface on the property will appear in yellow on the map, along with a measurement.

To estimate the fee for a parcel, divide the measurement by 500, and multiply the result by 90 cents.

Easy? See for yourself!

In efforts to document and learn from this month's damaging flooding, the city of Boulder is asking residents and businesses to contribute to a "Community Flood Assessment" crowdsourcing map.

Using geo-located pins, community members can submit their stories or data related to the flooding, which they can also enhance with photos or videos, according to the city.

Data will be put into the public domain and used to help prep for future flooding situations. The tool? Ushahidi's Crowdmap.

- Daily Camera

The town of Granby, CT has linked maps to its assessor database. The tech? OpenLayers and Google Maps. My issue? UI is challenging and the whole app a bit, well, non-aesthetic. The comapny behind it (new to me) is Qpublic.

- Granby News

Published Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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