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California Affordable Care Act Geography and other Health GIS News

The new affordable care act limits how insurance companies can offer differential rates. One way that's still in the mix is geography.

The federal government has proposed that a state should not create more than seven geographic rating areas to prevent insurers from charging excessively high premiums in certain areas.

To accommodate California’s size and diversity, the state’s health exchange is proceeding with 19 regions with the understanding that its plan eventually will receive federal approval.

But there are differences of opinion about how many ratings area there should be and how they'll be defined. The nineteen are either area code groups for LA, individual counties or groups of counties.

- Insurance Journal

Two Middlebury geography grads are using IndieGoGo to fund a startup that uses open source mapping tools to help enhance health care distribution in developing areas. Have a look and see if you want to fund Broad Street Maps.

via NCGE on Facebook

This may be the first time Chinese official have ok'd the suggestion that there's a link between cancer and pollution. It starts with a map.

As David Wertime writes over at Tea Leaf Nation, the Weibo account of Global Times, a Communist Party-owned newspaper, recently shared a map of so-called “cancer villages,” the colloquial term for towns where cancer rates have spiked in recent years.

The text accompanying the maps cites a government report with the connection.

- WaPo

Published Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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