Call for Papers Issued for Location Technology & Business Intelligence 2005

By Nora Parker

Directions Magazine announces the 2005 Location Technology & Business Intelligence Conference.Last year's success opened the discussion on how the integration of these solutions can lead to a unique competitive advantage.In 2005, we are expanding the program, adding more exhibitor space, and moving the location to one of the finest hotels in Philadelphia.

Between May 2-4, 2005, we will convene the second conference dedicated to how corporations make sound, economical decisions by adapting, integrating, and deploying information technology solutions that leverage geospatial information and operational analytics...perhaps more aptly called "Location Intelligence."

At this time, we are issuing a CALL FOR PAPERS.Interested parties may consider submitting a proposal to be included in any of the following tracks:


  • LT/BI - Location Intelligence - Strategic issues of integration - What does the CEO or CFO think?
  • LT/BI Obstacles - Interoperability & Collaboration - Overview of where location technology fits within enterprise applications and the collaboration necessary to overcome interoperability obstacles - Case studies of examples from retail, banking, and insurance
  • LT/BI Organizational Challenges- Selling it to Executive Management, IT, and Everyone Else - Discussions about the value of of using location technology with other enterprise systems.
  • LT/BI - Deployment and Integration with other Enterprise IT Systems - System architecture and deployment with technologies such as web services.
  • Integration with Spatial Databases/Database integration- Location-enable web services in corporate IT - The result of pushing GIS to the web and mobile devices is the availability of myriad applications, data, and services - What's out there and how can you use them within enterprise systems
  • Middleware Approach to Geospatial Integration - Between the client and the database, analysis is sometimes best offloaded to a mid-tier solution.
  • Location determining technologies: RFID, WiFi, GPS, & LBS - Its all about mobility - The applications and technology that will influence the future of location-based services
  • Data Quality & Integration for Enterprise Solutions: CRM, Finance, and Human Resources - How bad is your data and what you need to do for optimizing the information that helps you make decisions.
  • Real Estate Information Arbitrage: Using Business Intelligence for Retail Network Planning and Marketing - The Real Estate business is driven by location intelligence.Information is power in real estate.The real estate business is driven by location intelligence.Speakers will address how to leverage spatial information for a competitive advantage.
  • Business Analytics in Retailing: Just in time merchandising and the integration of marketing with supply chain management - From site selection to logistics, location is a factor in maximizing sales and customer satisfaction
  • Operational Analytics and Logistics - Route Planning for Field Service Management - Running the numbers of logistics - SME's can benefit too.
  • Dynamic, Real-Time Digital Geospatial Data: Traffic, Weather, Crime - What data do you need...and when do you need it? - Traffic, Weather, Satellite Imagery - How location-based content will change the way corporations, the media, and consumers will do business, plus other sensor technology with a geospatial component
We require speakers to provide information in an educational, non-commercial, non-self-promotional manner.Submit your paper HERE. For additional information, contact Nora Parker, Conference Vice Chairman.

Published Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

Written by Nora Parker

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