Carl Bass: “I do believe that everything is moving to the cloud.”

During a press conference at Autodesk Univeristy in Las Vegas, Autodesk CEO Carl Bass reaffirmed what he has said for some time that "I do believe that everything is moving to the cloud." Asked to clarify what he meant, he said that "There are a lot of applications that will [still] be done on the desktop. Whether Autodesk does it or not, I can't think of a single function that won't necessarily be done in the cloud."

Asked whether there was some resistence by Autodesk users to make the move as fast as the company is making the switch he said that people are already living in the cloud with their personal applications and that there are somewhat different issues for them. "Foremost in people's mind is security, privacy, reliability, confidential information. Some of those concerns will fall by the wayside."

Asked to provide a specific reason for users to fully embrace the cloud for design software Bass said, "In many cases, for anyone to move to any technology platform you have to do more than what people have today. So what's the compelling event? I think what you will see in the cloud is that it will look like every other disruptive technology. Some people will downplay it. Some will poo poo it." He characterized the cloud to be just like all the other disruptive technologies in that some will find no need for it but others will find its utility.

Editor's Note: Autodesk partially funded travel to Autodesk Univeristy

Published Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Written by Joe Francica

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