Cellular Carriers Face Possible Rule Changes by FCC for Emergency and LBS Applications

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TruePosition's Mike Amarosa, vice president for public affairs, and Brian Varano, marketing director, spoke with Editor-in-chief Joe Francica about the Notice of Proposed Rule Changes submitted to the Federal Communications Commission regarding its existing mandate to cellular carriers to more accurately locate wireless phone calls to E911 public safety answering points, or PSAPs. Comments are due to the FCC by September. There are obvious differences of opinion about whether the changes should be adopted and what technologies can be used if such changes were authorized. With some phone manufacturers including GPS chips to support emergency and other location-based services while others rely on network-based technologies such as multilateration, there is much debate about the best location-determination methods. TruePosition is one company offering a hybrid solution which is discussed in this interview. This podcast is also an excellent primer on the FCC mandates that originated in 1995, as well as how network-based location determination is performed by wireless carriers and how the current technology can improve the accuracy for location-based services. The podcast is 22:42 and is 7.9 Mb. The podcast was recorded on August 2, 2007.( Listen now)

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