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This week is the Consumer Electronics Show - the extravaganza for available and soon to be available gadgets for end users ears, eyes, cars and more. I plan to offer one per day on the event as I watch for geo-related tibdits via the Web from home.

First off, The New York Times highlights that the show is so big that perhaps its no longer the best place for an announcement. Recall that several big shows imploded in recent years included AEC SYSTEMS in our world (note the passing of one of its founders) and COMDEX, which I attended representing ESRI and its 50 x 50 booth.

Now on to the goodies announced:

Dedicated appliance for baseball fans

The Ambient Baseball ScoreCast is a small battery-powered device uses neither cell or Internet services to deliver baseball updates every half inning. Its from Ambient Devices in Cambridge, Mass and uses the company’s InfoCast Network. The device has an SRP of $124.99 and will be available from national retailers in April, 2008.  I call it out because it’s NOT connected to a GPS, MP3 player, radio or car. It’s stand alone and does one thing. Data is accessible over 90% of U.S. households, says the manufacturer. You can find out if yours is here. “These maps give an indication of projected signal coverage and in no way constitute a guarantee of coverage.
Various factors can affect signal availability and strength, such as: location within a building, topography, weather and environmental conditions.” The map provided looks very TIGER.

- press release

Yahoo! updates Mobile Dev Options; No access to Phone GPS

First, the good news:

Yahoo plans to introduce new versions of its two primary mobile services and expects to launch documentation that will let any developer or publisher write mobile widgets for the Yahoo services on Monday.

Yahoo offers two ways for mobile users to access its services from their phones: through a browser or through Yahoo Go, an application that users download to their phones. Both are getting facelifts.

Now, the bad news for geo-folks.

In the future, Yahoo hopes to allow developers who create widgets for the Yahoo Go client to access native phone resources such as the address book and location information from a phone’s GPS (Global Positioning System) radio, Taggart said.


HP Launches Nav Website for iPAQ and Print

Buried in a PR about all its new enhanced product plans is a tidbit about the HP iPAQ Navigate website. There you can plan trips, research destinations and then print or upload itineraries to the new iPAQ. (Wow, it’d not heard that word in a few years!) Users can share their plans with friends and family as HP hosts the data. Oh, and you might have to buy hardware and data…

- press release

Bill Gates Last CES Speech

PC Pro was disappointed no new products were announced. But Bill did speak to a future with HD/3D everywhere (‘in your desk’), rich services accessible with simple authentication and new modes of interaction like pen and touch. Interestingly many of demos used voice recognition.

- PC Pro

SquareLoop Aids Sprint in Location-based Emergency Notification

Sprint Nextel has partnered with SquareLoop tol send location-based text messages to cellphones throughout the county in the event of an emergency.

- Washington Post
- press release

New 3D Mouse

Sandio Technology offers the 3D Internet Mouse for use in navigating in any direction in a 3-D space, such as Google Earth or Microsoft’s Virtual Earth. Price: $79.

- press release

Healthcare at CES

Meridian Health, based in New Jersey, is using CES to show of medical tech related goodies - including those fancy GPS-enabled shoes - aimed at this meeting at helping Alzheimer’s patients who might wander.

- press release

Robot Video Mapper

The Wowwee Rovio is a GPS-enabled explorer that travels on wheels and transmits surveillance video via Wi-Fi to browsers. I’m not sure how the GPS works indoors - which seems to be where the little guy is supposed to travel. It’ll run a few hundred dollars and be available later this year.

- Gizmodo

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Published Monday, January 7th, 2008

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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