The Challenge of a Social Media Map for Isaac

I think Jan Sears of the Press Enterprise has it exactly right regarding one of the challenges of Esri's social media maps for natural disasters and other events. She's speaking about the latest iteration for Isaac.

If you go to the map, the introduction will tell you that you can see real-time effects of the storm through social media posts. But if you click on those posts today, Friday, Aug. 24 — not so much. I clicked through quite a few this morning and found advertisements, photos of people drinking Hurricanes (the alcoholic kind), photos of waves and a couple of links to hurricane-relevant info.

Maybe when the storm gets closer to the U.S., the tweets will get more interesting.

I'll suggest "relevant" may be a better term than "interesting," but her point, regarding better sematic search tools is spot on.

I wonder if map viewers go looking for a Help menu or icon. I did. There is no Help menu or icon. The plain text above the map describes one action users can take:

See the real-time effects of the storm via social media posts. To change the search terms, go to the Social menu, click the settings icon, and update the keyword.

I wonder how the UI/UX savvy would rate that in terms of consistency in offering "help"?

- Press Enterprise Blog

Published Monday, August 27th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

Published in

Esri Technology

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