Collecting Road Kill Info and other Open Source GIS News

I'd not heard of open source EpiCollect developed at Imperial College London:

EpiCollect is a generic data collection tool that allows you to collect and submit geotagged data forms (along with photos) to a central project website (hosted using Googles AppEngine) from suitable mobile phones (Android or iPhone). For example, questionnaires, surveys etc. All data synchronised (ie a copy sent from the phone) from multiple phones can then be viewed / charted / filtered at the project website using Google Maps / Earth or downloaded. 

Furthermore, data can be requested and viewed/filtered from the project website directly on your phone using Google Maps.

It's beeing used by Danielle Garneau, an assistant professor of environmental science at Plattsburgh State University of New York, and her students and students to map road kill (and live wildlife sighting) in the northeast. Her implementation is  RoadkillGarneau. I suspect EpiCollect is being over shadowed by Ushahidi/CrowdMap. 
Crowdsourcing tools to combat violence against women is the title of a roundup of tools to map vlolence toward women around the globe. Among the tools are Ushahidi and Google Maps for display and good old SMS for data collection.
Clackamas County, Oregon has an updated mapping app - and it's open source.
"While we have had CMap around for a long time, this new version really shows what our team of programmers can do with Open Source technologies,” said Dave Cummings, Clackamas County Chief Information Officer. “Using Open Source really provided the county some significant cost savings.”

Published Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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