Company Overview: GeoAge Helps Capture Location-based Business Intelligence with GPS Application

By Joe Francica

_GeoAge of Jacksonville, FL serves a growing audience of mobile professionals who are generally not GIS professionals. GeoAge offers a toolkit for non-GIS professionals to rapidly capture information by building mobile forms and integrating GPS information as well as digital images, video etc. According to Jeff Arnold, CEO, the company's Field Adapted Survey Toolkit (FAST) solution is comprised of digital forms that operate on mobile devices that capture location-based data and then synchronize it to a master database. FAST is primarily used in field service management applications but also by company’s like Sharp Electronics that use it for market research. The company has strategic partnerships with Alltel Wireless and other mobile handset manufacturers that integrate GPS into their handheld devices.

Published Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Written by Joe Francica

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