Congress Considers Evacuation Tracking of House Members using RFID

RFID Journal is reporting that Congress is considering the tracking of Congressional members in the event of an emergency. I suspect they mean a terrorist attack, not just when their kids get sick at school. But I want to know how they will differentiate the two. According to the article:

“The House is seeking a real-time geographic information system (GIS) that would not only provide a 3-D graphical display of the buildings but also show the current position of all individuals within and around the buildings during an emergency. The system should also be able to indicate which individuals have left the buildings and are now in safe locations.

This obviously raises many privacy concern issues that I wonder how will be sorted out.

But on the technology side, it is a classic example of where RFID is going. It is inherently a “location-based” problem, not just an inventory management problem, and will further push our technology sector to come up with some part of the solution.

See the article here

Published Friday, February 11th, 2005

Written by Joe Francica

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