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Strathcona County in Alberta Canada will soft launch its open data portal on Feb. 10, with the public launch following on Feb. 18. 

Through consulting and services, the project cost $75,000. There will also be a $25,000 yearly charge for the portal software being used.

Best I can tell that software is from Socrata. 

- Sherwood Park News

The government would provide GPS devices for families to track their autistic children under a new law inspired by the Avonte Oquendo tragedy.

“Avonte’s Law” would expand a government program in place for families of people with Alzheimer’s disease, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) said one day after the funeral for the autistic 14-year-old boy who disappeared from his Queens school.

It's not clear to me if Schumer means GPS literally, or something that would also track individuals indoors.

- New York Post]

The St. Charles Economic Development Department has upgraded its marketing program with the creation of a better, more modern website at

Once you get there, you can click on "Map Center," which brings you to a "Map Room" and if you are clever you find "Interactive Map of Landmarks and Business Clusters" which is a story map. There is still room for improvement as Esri St. Charles built this one and the legend for the point symbols reads: 

Color Legend: Green - Business Parks or Retail Cluster
Blue - Education
Red - Landmark

- News Magazine Network

Published Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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