County Salary Increases and other Government GIS News

Another motion was made to increase the GIS director’s salary by $1,500. That vote passed 3-1 with all three commissioners voting in favor and Scotto voting against.

There were several motions before that one, including the exact same one as I read it, but the GIS director of Clearfiled County, PA will get an added $1,500 on his 2012 salary of $38,460.

- Courier Express

The Maine Geolibrary Orthoimagery Program is working its magic in Androscoggin, Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln and Sagadahoc counties. With a buy in from Kennebec County all the towns therein get 2' imagery and buy up to 3" as they choose. Supporters point to the successful partnership with federal, state and local governments that make it possible.

- Portland Press Herald

Rutgers has partnered with Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and Woolpert to perform LiDAR data capture for towns including Toms River, Lavallette and Seaside Heights, impacted by Sandy. The data is expected to be made public to governments, non-profits and perhaps homeowners. I'm not sure why the local paper could identify the technology more clearly.

The technology, called geospatial mapping, has been around for at least a decade, and used regularly to analyze roads when companies want to move wide loads or locate hindrances such as trees or overhead wires. But this is the first time this technology is being used in New Jersey to collect data on such a wide scale after a major storm, [Jie] Gong [ an assistant professor at Rutgers School of Engineering] said.


Published Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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